Water Damage Photo Gallery

water soaked carpet and electronics after commercial water damage disaster

Electronics, documents and inventory restoration after commercial water damage

SERVPRO restoration and cleanup support for Central Manhattan office water disasters.

The sprinkler system activated long enough to wet the hallways and offices of this commercial building located in Manhattan. Fast action during a water damage loss can make a big difference in restoration results. The soggy carpet needed a fast water extraction to preserve the commercial grade carpet, our robust drying equipment and advanced training also preserved the electronics and surrounding furniture. Our SERVPRO of Central Manhattan team saved the day with quick and effective property restoration techniques. Our Manhattan crews were able to contain the damage allowing business operations to continue almost as usual.

restoration equipment during a large commercial water damage loss

Call SERVPRO of Central Manhattan for comprehensive water removal!

Often during water restoration, many recovery operations need to happen simultaneously, some of our crew will work on water extraction and controlled demolition, while others will inventory and pack up items to move to another location to help prevent further property damage from exposure to contaminated water or excess moisture. Moisture and mold particles can penetrate deep inside building materials, furniture and other porous items. HEPA filters help our industrial strength air scrubbers and dehumidifiers purify the air and neutralize odors and contaminants. Our SERVPRO of Central Manhattan is fortunate to offer restoration and rebuilding services following a property disaster from all types of water or mold property concerns. Using our highly qualified construction team will help keep your recovery process moving steady and hassle free, often it can also minimize costs and completion time.

Plastic containment barrier and wet/dry vacuum for water damage cleanup

Containment Is Crucial During Water Damage Restoration Process

Containment barrier during recent water damage restoration project

SERVPRO of Manhattan often uses containment barriers when restoring homes and businesses after a water damage event. Containment is crucial because it enables the crew to control the environment and gain maximum drying efficiency for the damaged areas, while limiting the spread of moisture and other contaminants. When we block off an area of an affected property using professional plastic barriers, we can reduce the drying time for that space, use less equipment and dry out this Manhattan residence faster, saving time and money.

Our Manhattan team of SERVPRO technicians put years of training, experience, and specialized equipment to work for you after a commercial property water damage, ensuring the removal of all remaining moisture and a fast, effective drying process that you can count on.

puddles of contaminated water damage on commercial store floor

Types of Water Damage Affecting your Home or Business

When considering a solution to your commercial or residential property water damage, our SERVPRO technicians will access what type of water caused the damage. This assessment will help our crew make the most effective plan for cleaning and removing the water, drying and mitigating the damage and repairing and restoring your property and contents correctly.

When your Manhattan property suffers a water damage there are 3 types of water that could have caused your property damage, including clean, grey and black water. Understanding what type of water is affecting your property is critical to ensuring proper cleanup and restoration services.

Our team offers 24-hour Emergency Service, excellent customer care and expedient disaster restoration services that will return your property to a safe and healthy condition.

Thermal imagery of hidden water for commercial water restoration project

Locating Hidden Water throughout your Manhattan Commercial Building

Do you have excessive moisture plaguing your commercial building, do you have a musty odor or possible mold growth? SERVPRO professionals have IICRC certification and extensive training to handle all facets of water loss recovery in businesses throughout the Manhattan area, and our technicians also work to double check to ensure success during the disaster restoration process.

Our restoration technicians utilize infrared technology and thermal imagery to assess the full extent of the damage or locate hidden moisture concerns. The technology can show our technicians areas where water might still exist based on a temperature difference. This process can also ensure that the damage has not reached other areas of the building and confirm the completion of the restoration process.

water damage restoration flood cut of the drywall after a water damage in this home

What is a Flood Cut

Flood cuts are a common part of the restoration procedure when drywall has been badly damaged by water, our technicians will remove wet materials to avoid secondary damages. When an IICRC certified water restoration contractor cuts out portions of damaged drywall to avoid continued damage to the structure it’s called a flood cut. Depending on the type of water, length of damage and amount of water different methods of flood cutting can take place. Typically, the cut is made 12-18 inches above where the flood damage stopped, so that the damaged drywall can be discarded and address additional “hidden moisture” concerns can be addressed.