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Neglecting a property water damage occurrence can lead to excessive structural damage and microbial growth

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

secondary property damages from water Don't wait too long to choose a professional cleanup and recovery service following property damage, it can be a costly and hazardous mistake.

SERVPRO is here to help local Manhattan neighborhoods with ALL TYPES of water damages, our team responds quickly with emergency response cleanup and mitigation to minimize secondary damages to your property, including structural damages and mold growth. Neglecting to properly cleanup and remediate a water damage can lead to even greater property damage concerns. Often, when cleaning up a water damage issue or flood, mopping up a puddle or fixing a clogged sink can seem like the end to your trouble, but there can be hidden damage. Water damage can saturate and destroy your home/business and its contents but also threaten it with secondary damages such as mold damage.

Key mishaps that can occur from neglecting a water damage or postponing the cleanup.

Hidden Moisture - Water is practically invisible, and its effects are devastating even in small amounts. Water penetrates most materials quickly and can seep deep down into fibers that hold onto moisture at the deepest levels. This means there could easily be water hiding underneath floors or walls, even if they feel dry.

Inefficient Cleanup – A professional restoration company can accurately assess the damage and create the most efficient mitigation plan to recovery your property. After water damage has occurred, using the proper methods to clean and disinfect every area of your home is crucial. Since water damage can come from a variety of sources, the corresponding clean-up procedures and safety protocols that should be used will vary in intensity.

The key to avoiding secondary damages is simple: moisture control, proper disinfecting, and enough airflow. If you suspect your home is suffering from excessive high humidity or microbial growth, get in touch with our SERVPRO staff right away. Our Mold Remediation team can inspect your property for mold and water damage, locate the source of concern and plan a mold removal and remediation process to get your home healthy and safe, “Like it never even happened.”

Ask About SERVPRO’s Visible Mold Inspection

Signs of mold in your Manhattan property are unpleasant odor, health effects or visual signs of mold growth.

Our certified specialist will begin a mold inspection with a few questions for the property owner or manager, to give insight into previous leaks or flood damage and other valuable information to help during the process. They will thoroughly inspect the property looking for signs of damage and in places prone for mold growth. Moisture meters and cameras may be necessary to locate problems in areas that are hidden or less accessible.

If our SERVPRO technicians do discover mold during the inspection and mitigation process, they will evaluate the mold growth and contain any damage to the smallest area possible. They will then physically remove the mold and thoroughly dry any contaminated areas to ensure that the mold does not return. Finally, the technicians will follow established procedures to return the property to a pre loss condition. To inhibit the return of mold, SERVPRO uses antifungal and antibacterial cleaners to clean both your home structure and possessions affected by mold. During the remediation process, we can utilize HEPA filtration systems with negative air chambers to stop the spread of spores and contain the mold. Our technicians always attempt to restore rather than have you replace building materials and possessions affected by mold.

When your Manhattan home or business experiences a water disaster issue, or you suspect that high humidity maybe a problem, call our trusted local SERVPRO of Central Manhattan property restoration service specialists. Our sophisticated tools can make it easy to determine the presence of hidden moisture and dampness in your local New York City property, waiting too long to choose a professional cleanup and recovery service can be a costly and hazardous mistake. Our SERVPRO specialists closely monitor and document all our cleanup, mitigation and remediation steps and make sure your moisture problem is taken care of correctly.

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