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SERVPRO has Professional Restoration Services for All Types of Flood Damage in Manhattan Homes and Businesses

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded commercial building with bad structural damages including chipped paint It’s critical to take fast action to contact a local SERVPRO professional in your area, following a flood or storm water intrusion.

Many Manhattan properties are near the ocean and other natural seawater sources, saltwater flooding and the resulting damage can be a common occurrence. Similarly, to flood damage from ground water and other category 3 losses, ocean water can cause severe property water damage and can create unique restoration concerns and complications for local home and business owners.

Continual increases in storm intensity and tidal flooding is making flood and storm water damage a regular concern for many Manhattan neighborhoods. Flooding can have a devastating impact on your coastal building or residence, it can be difficult to predict the full extent of water and storm related damages. Additionally, saltwater can be extremely dangerous and destructive to building materials and has added safety concerns for cleanup and restoration providers. Extracting the water is just the first step that SERVPRO professionals take to thoroughly dry and restore water and storm damaged areas inside and outside of your property. Floodwater is dangerous, it’s advised to contact a reliable property damage restoration company such as SERVPRO that specializes in natural disaster and flood cleanup and remediation.

It can be difficult for the average property owner or management team to determine if the contaminated areas and contents of your property have been properly remediated, to avoid continued damage from salt corrosion and mold growth. Our restoration technicians are IICRC trained and certified with countless hours of experience responding to local coastal property damage cleanups and repairs. Starting the restoration process begins with a visit from a highly-trained staff member to assess the full extent of your flooding or water damage intrusion and present a comprehensive plan for a complete property damage restoration and construction solution. While assessing your property damage our managers will help determine what parts of your loss our team can clean, sanitize and restore. Unfortunately, some items are unsafe for restoration and some controlled demolition and replacement maybe necessary. Our restoration teams work closely with our construction crews and management to provide a seamless transition from destruction to reconstruction. Throughout the process our philosophy is to restore over replacing materials and contents whenever possible, helping to lower overall cost and time needed for property disaster recovery.

Coastal Properties experience a much higher risk for property damage from salt-water, sand and other beach and waterfront related concerns.


Access to beautiful beaches and oceanfront views can be one of the many advantages to living, working or owning coastal property on Manhattan. However, considering how the environment, and surrounding landscape, could adversely affect your commercial or residential property could quickly turn your dream property into a potential nightmare. Waterfront properties are more exposed to driving rain and winds off the ocean during an intense storm, battering your properties exterior and creating a need for frequent maintenance. Damage caused by debris and salt is unavoidable, blowing winds and salty sea air are likely to cause some cosmetic and structural damage including; rusting metalwork, chipping and scratching to exterior surfaces, and possible damage to mechanical elements such as window latches. Manhattan is no stranger to bad weather including hurricane force winds, storm and tidal surges, high waves and rising water levels can mean more coastal flooding leading to an increased risk for both indoor and outdoor storm, flood and water property damage.

Why Salt Water Flooding Does More Damage

Salt Breaks Down Building Materials

Similarly, to all other types of water intrusion and flood damage, salt water flooding can quickly penetrate a variety of building materials causing significant damage to structural components and property contents. Unlike some other water sources, salt water is more dangerous and causes more severe property damage because it is highly corrosive. The combination of water and higher levels of salt can weaken or even dissolve many types of building materials; including concrete, wood, plaster and drywall. Delignification is when saltwater penetrates wood forming fuzzy salt crystals on the surface and slowly pulls out lignin causing damage to the wood on a cellular level. If a structure is repeatedly exposed to saltwater flooding or proper decontamination (using fresh water to neutralize the excess salt) doesn’t occur, the longer the salt-water remains in contact with affected materials, this process will continue to weaken the internal structure developing serious structural problems that could lead to collapse.

Salt Water Damage Can Quickly Lead to Mold

Like any flood damage, if the moisture is not properly mitigated it can lead to mold growth in under 24 hours. Did you know salt-water accelerates the development of mold following a flood disaster? Mold needs moisture to grow, but flooding can penetrate hidden corners of a structure that can be very hard to dry. SERVPRO professionals use advanced technology including moisture detection equipment and thermal imaging cameras to help identify hidden moisture concerns during the structural drying and disinfecting process. Air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers are strategically positioned to speed up the drying process. Transferring moisture out of damaged materials into the air, to be captured through evaporation and absorption and removed permanently. EPA-registered disinfectants applied throughout the affected areas reduce the potential for fungal growth and kill lingering bacteria or viruses.

SERVPRO Responds to Flood or Storm Water Property Damage Immediately

It’s critical to take fast action to contact a local SERVPRO professional in your area, following a flood or storm water intrusion. Be assured that our managers and crews take every necessary step to mitigate your water damage from becoming an even bigger disaster. Seawater can cause significantly more damage due to the additional salt content involved. Our SERVPRO of Central Manhattan team will start the flood and water damage recovery process with an inspection. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRTs) are trained to classify what kind of water they will be working with on the job site and adjust their methods accordingly. While extracting water is part of every water damage job, saltwater intrusion my also require additional steps to neutralize the salt reaction from further damaging building materials and surfaces.


Restoring your home or business quickly after a storm damage or salt-water contaminated water loss, takes specialized equipment and highly skilled IICRC certified professionals

  • Temporary Shoring, board-up and roof tarping
  • Water Extraction
  • Neutralizing of affected areas, including sanitizing and controlled demolition
  • Drying of affected areas, including walls, carpets and furniture
  • Cleaning and Restoring of affected possessions
  • Remediating mold and mildew
  • Reconstruction and Repairs

Is Seawater from Storm Flooding Contaminated?

Yes!  The water from oceans, lakes, rivers or streams is considered Category 3 Water.

Category 3 Water: is known as "black water" and is grossly unsanitary. This water contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria and fungi, causing severe discomfort or sickness. This category includes water sources from sewage, seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water or standing water.

Ready to Respond with Disaster Flood and Storm Property Damage Restoration Services to Manhattan Neighborhoods everyday

Salt-water property damage from flooding or storms is a major concern for many property owners and managers on the East Coast and throughout the Northeast throughout the year. Whether your property experiences an above average tidal flood, a storm surge, ground water flooding or foundation seepage after a severe storm. Our SERVPRO staff is available to help with your property restoration concerns. When SERVPRO’s signature green service vehicles show up they are stocked with a full array of advanced water damage restoration equipment and IICRC certified technicians who can respond quickly to your concerns and get you started on the road to restoration and recovery, “Like it never even happened.”

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